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What Couses And Treatment of a Muscular Or Ligament Swelling

What Couses And Treatment of a Muscular Or Ligament Swelling

There is often confusion between what means a break in fibers, either muscle or ligaments, which means a muscle or ligamentous strain. In the following video we will explain what is a muscular or ligamentous distension, how each one happens and what are its main characteristics that differentiate them from muscle and ligament rupture.


What is a muscle and a ligament?

To begin, you need to understand what a muscle is and what a ligament is. As a brief explanation, a ligament is a structure that joins 2 joint pieces to stabilize them. The ligaments are composed of collagen fibers (arranged in the direction of the force they have to resist to protect the joint) and by tension receptors (which cause the ligament to report to the brain and a voltage response occurs in them to protect to the ligament when it is stretched). Muscle instead consists of myofibrils, arranged in cords that form the muscle fiber. The muscle shortens and lengthens to allow movement.


Fracture of muscles and ligaments

Muscles and ligaments are structures susceptible to oversteering, i.e. if a stretch is abrupt and exceeds the ability of the muscle or ligament to stretch, the ligament or muscle will rupture. In this video you will understand that fiber rupture occurs to different degrees, and that although the rupture is microscopic, there can also be pain, inflammation and edema.

Exercises and massages against varicose veins

The blood carries the oxygen from the heart to the whole body through ducts called arteries. When the blood reaches the organs and tissues, it leaves the oxygen there and returns to the heart through other channels that we call veins.


The blood that has to return from the legs to the heart, must overcome the force of gravity. For this, the veins have a mechanism to push the blood. When it fails, blood stagnates in the veins and the walls of the veins dilate, lose their shape and appear varicose veins.


These physical exercises and massages can prevent the onset of varicose veins. You can also taking help with best foot massager for neuropathy related relaxation.


Exercises against varicose veins


  • Sit, separate and join the tips of the feet
  • Sitting, gently swing your feet, from your toes to your heels
  • Stand up on your toes several times
  • Stand, walk on the end of the heels
  • Lie down; make energetic pedaling movements with your legs elevated. 15 times
  • Lying, with legs raised and extended, flex and extend alternately the toes. 20 times
  • Lying, with legs raised and extended, rotate them in alternating rotating motion in both directions. Ten times.
  • Lie down, with your legs extended, separate them and join them successively- 15 times.
  • Massage: With the high leg gently rub upwards from the ankle to the thigh


Finally, we will explain to you how a different distention of a breakage of fibers evolves; since there are a number of factors to take into account in the different swellings of the breaks.