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Food Calorie Chart – Food Categories And Measure

Food Calorie Chart

Calories are units of energy, contained inside the food, and utilized by the human body to keep up every day health and life. Calories are related to energy that is contained in protein, sugars, and fat. Inside each of these measures, calories will have a given measure of energy accessible. Diverse foods will give distinctive measures of calories. Moreover, alternate supplements required for the human body will likewise contrast as indicated by the foods being eaten.

The human body will consume calories with a specific end goal to stay healthy and adjusted. This is by the digestion moving calories through your body. Your digestion may likewise transform calories into proteins or amino acids if the body needs it. These calories at that point move into the bloodstream and transform into cells or move toward becoming put away energy. The energy your body needs keeping in mind the end goal to remain healthy and alive is specifically identified with the quantity of calories you allow (eat). The opposite is additionally valid, an excessive number of calories expended can prompt weight issues and poor health.

You can decide what number of calories you require through an assortment of components. Each individual will contrast contingent upon what their body needs to remain adjusted. There are a few ways that you can discover what number of calories you require every day. This can likewise help in deciding the sorts of foods that you have to eat. These would then be able to be adjusted with the supplements that your body needs, for example, vitamins and minerals. These can give an additional lift to your energy consuming requirements.


We Are What We Repeatedly Do. Success is Not An Action But A Habit. 

For Permanent Health Solutions making healthy habits is the most important. That starts with How to get up early and not feel exhausted the whole day. Then comes motivation to diet and workout but it’s never a fix formula hence collect all the important data and suit it up according to your choice and body needs.


Calorie Chart
Food Categories Measure Calories
Milk Products
Milk 1 Cup 150
Butter 1 tbsp 45
Ghee 1 tbsp 45
Paneer 60 gms 150
Cheese 1 Cube 80
Apple 1 50-60
Mango 1 201



1 cup

50 calories of Blackberries,
26 calories of Raspberries,
18 calories of Strawberries
Oranges 1 50-60
Banana 1 105
Cooked Cereals 1\2 Cup 80
White Rice 100 gms 151
Brown Rice 100 gms 110
White Bread 1 Slice 53
Brown Bread 1 Slice 73
Starchy Vegetables
Potatoes 5 Small 650
Dal 1 Large Bowl 80
Mixed Vegetables 150 gms 80
Fish 100gms 206
Meat 100 gms 143
Egg 2 Eggs 156
Cooked Food
Biscuit 75 gms 125
Cake (Plain) 50 gms 135
Cake (Choco) 50 gms 225
Chapatti 1 80
Puri 1 107
Dosa (Plain) 1 135
Dosa(Masala) 1 250
Samosa 1 308
Vada 1 240
Noodles 85 gms 371
Idli 1 60-70
Curry 100 124
Fried Fish 85 gms 140
Biryani(Veg) 1 Cup 318
Biryani(Non Veg) 1 Cup 548
Sweet Dishes
Carrot Halwa
Jalebi 20 gms 100
Kheer 1 Cup 282
Rasgulla 1 Serving 186
Gulab Jambu 1 Serving 150
Beer 12-Ounce Glass 150
Vine 5-Ounce Glass 125
Cola 500ml 210
Vodka\Whiskey 1.5 Ounce Shot 100


We all know Importance of calories especially when we have to lose or maintain it.

But care should be taken to eat healthy calories for longer health benefits and regular workouts are important too and so to it’s very important to check how many calories does your body needs as it’s different for all.

And it is equally important on how to stick to the planned diet and keep yourself motivated for the results.

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