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Four Trusted Organic Baby Foods Your Child Will Love!

Four Trusted Organic Baby Foods Your Child Will Love!

Go for the organic brands if you are going to feed your child baby food! The fact is there is some really nasty stuff that is found in non-organic foods. This may include pesticide residues, growth hormones, fertilizers as well as antibiotics.

Most mothers question about the jarred baby food. In fact, jarred baby food is often chock-full of preservatives. On the other side, organic baby food does not contain any preservatives at all.

Four Trusted Organic Baby Foods Your Child Will Love!

According to American & Canadian law, anything that is labeled “100% organic” must contain absolutely no genetically-modified ingredients.

Eating organic food is just a simple method to avoid the toxic chemicals as well as genetically-modified ingredients. Many people say that organic fruits & vegetables are tastier than non-organic. This is really pretty awesome when trying to get your baby to open up to solids! Read more on Baby Got Stuff.


There are many brands of organic baby foods that are available in the market. Here is the list of four trusted organic baby foods your child will love:

  • Earth’s Best

Earth’s Best is one of the best organic baby food brands that are readily available in the market. It is in fact high quality and healthy as well.

The plus point is there is no added sugars, salts, artificial flavors, or preservatives of any kind. Some mothers taste all of the baby foods, and they said that Earth’s Best is one of the yummiest. In their opinion that is a pretty huge bonus!

Earth’s Best

The only drawback we can say to Earth’s Best is its price. It is about $1.25 for a 4 oz jar. But still, this is an excellent baby food.

  • Plum Organics

This is really cool organic food.  This organic food comes in pouches instead of jars. It contains just organic ingredients and there are no preservatives. Through the pouches, you just need to squeeze them into a bowl and serve. Do not boil or put it in the microwave. Moreover, just use it up within 24 hours of opening it.

Plum Organics

What mothers generally like about the pouches is that they are super convenient if you are on the way. However, in spite of all this, there is some controversy on parenting forums about the product that is labeled as “made in China.”

But keep in mind that this does not refer to any of the ingredients. It just refers to the packaging. Hence, this is an awesome little organic baby food that mothers highly recommend!

  • Happy Tot

Happy Tot is organic baby food that is most popular on a few online shopping sites. Its price is roughly the same as that of Plum Organics.

Happy Tot

The one thing that mothers generally do not like about this food is that they have to look at the ingredients label. It will be nice if they labeled the products according to the primary ingredients on the product.

  • Peter Rabbit Organics

Peter Rabbit Organics is a great organic baby food. It has no added sugars (that are sometimes used as preservatives). Moreover, it is not diluted with water. However, many people complain about its sugar content, but that really makes no sense.

Peter Rabbit Organics

Moreover, like Happy Tot, the labels are slightly misleading. But in spite of all this, these are really good, natural and healthy baby food pouches! Its price is same as the other pouches on the list. Hence, it really comes down to personal preference.