GallBladder attack relief
GallBladder attack Relife

Gallbladder attack

Are you really having a gallbladder attack ?

here are the typical symptoms 

Pain on your right side, expecially after eating afatty meal – like fried food, milk, cheese, ice cream, pork, beans, corn, avocado

Pain in your right shoulder or between your shoulder

Typical Symptoms

Chest pain on your right side – caused by gallstones in the bile duct or inflammation of your gallbladder

Nausea, Vomiting, Gas, Dizziness

Tenderness on your Right side. Difficulty walking or sitting up because of the severe pain. Headaches just around or above the eyes, which is worse at night


The instruments present in the laboratories and also in the hospitals helped in diagnosing the attack and helped your body in fighting against it. The diseases are detected by the ultrasound and x-rays machines. The scanners available in hospitals are also used to check the body that it is suffering from the gallbladder or not. If you have no pain related to gallbladder then you needed no single treatment.

Various patients have one or two attacks and elected to avoid the treatment. Pain is often treated with the medicine morphine. The main treatment is to just remove the gallbladder in a body by a surgery.

Nowadays, the surgical methods including the laparoscopies used in which the gallbladder is removed. But some patients required very extensive surgery. Usually, people’s felt very relaxed after removing the gallbladder But for the women because many women’s who are pregnant and treated like those who are not pregnant because the pregnancy is a very major fact and a great risk for the development of gallstone and cholesterol in the body. The doctors tried their best and care in removing the acute pain of gallbladder in a body. Some people used remedies in treating the diseases and they are eating alfalfa and other things before the advice of the doctor.


The gallbladder is a small bundle found beneath the liver. It stored bile in it which is made by the liver in a body. Bile in body helped in digesting of fats. Bile moved from the gallbladder in a body to the very small intestine through the way of tubes and the most common duct is bile duct. The gallstones are made from the combination of cholesterol and other many things founded in bile in the body. When the gallbladder is not healthy and the digestive organ present in body do not properly worked in the body digestion process of food as a result the gallstones formed which stopped the duct bile and through it the bile backed up again in the gallbladder and caused inflammatory pain and the gallbladder suffered from several unknown conditions.
The gallbladder attacked come very immediately and lasted anywhere within a few minutes. During the attack, you have to stay cool and calm and this helped your body in sustaining the attack


There are many symptoms of the gallbladder and also many conditions you may be suffered from. Some conditions are very common and of many types
The major symptoms of the gallbladder are that the person felt pain in the upper part of abdominal or also in the middle part.


  • Very severe pain in abdominal
  • Pain in right shoulder part of body and also in back part
  • Pain that increased after eating a heavy meal and also the food added with oil
  • The pain increased when you breathe very deep
  • Pain in chest
  • Gas in a body, burning of heart etc.
  • Vomiting and very high fever.
  • Yellowing of eyes and also the body skin

How to stop a gallbladder attack while it is happening


” Many gallbladder problems in body likely the gallstones that blocked the duct caused no symptoms in body and these are discovered by the machines of x-rays and also during the surgery of abdominal.”