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How Gaming Affects Your Health?


The electronic chip is already perfectly installed in the new generations and that makes children and adult have a greater capacity to handle new technologies.

Television, laptop, Internet and, video games special msi laptops are the culprits that, increasingly, are a huge passion for small screens and for the smallest pass bill. It is true that consoles can become a form of training for the mind, but its excessive use can lead to serious health problems.

The video game design companies are aware that, by creating something that contains an addictive element, their sales increase considerably. Children and adults are dedicated to trying to pass the level and this makes them interact in an excessive way with these devices. The disadvantages of the gaming among health are the risks that games can cause.

The addiction to games causes children to discard other types of activities, such as physical activity, which is the scarcest among the children of today’s society. There is little physical activity in schools, and even less in homes.

Now the children do not play in the parks and they do not do more than two or three hours a week of exercise anymore. The tendency to sedentary life and obesity in childhood is one of the biggest problems facing children addicted to video games. They avoid to the maximum any type of activity in the open air by their permanent interest in the game.

They can be constantly in front of the screen and find in fast food a solution to not stop playing. The risk of suffering from heart diseases such as high cholesterol levels or hypertension is latent in those people who have a greater fondness for video games. On many occasions, people have insomnia because they use video game consoles in an exaggerated way.

In addition, if they are used before bedtime, they produce alterations in sleep, both in its structure and in its conciliation. The diseases that affect the hands, and specifically to the tendons, have the variety of names to call the tendon injuries of hands and wrists, the tendinosis. It is produced by the overexertion of playing video games during an excessive time.

And the worst is that it does not have to be this way since injuries can occur in short periods of time. On the other hand, the table of games includes console which can also lead to knee injuries, hip fractures due to falls.

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Although there is no scientific evidence that video games can cause traditional epilepsy, they can lead to photosensitive epilepsy or PSE, a common form of epilepsy caused by repeated visual stimuli in the form of regular patterns during a given time and space (patterns of intermittent light, repetitive movement patterns, etc.).

There are times when an individual does not know that he can suffer from this type of epilepsy and, given the conditions, ends up suffering from seizures.

It seems out of science fiction, but it’s totally real. This disease usually occurs commonly in individuals who perform office tasks, such as secretaries, since there is an intensive use of the computer mouse. In this case there is a compression of a nerve that passes through the middle of the wrist, the median nerve, which is surrounded by a bundle of fibers that, with the intensive and repetitive use of the wrist, becomes irritated, swollen and resulting in inflammation, which in many cases ends up being operated by the pain and numbness of the hand.

Moreover, the causes of migraines are very diverse (even eating cheese can trigger them), in the case of “gamers” there is more risk, since the fact of concentrating on the game and staring at the screen during an excessive period of time can predispose to trigger these painful situations.

In short, the mental health problems by the excessive use of games is because people do not use limits while playing games.