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HCG Diet – Guide on Achieving Maximal Weight Loss with HCG Diet


HCG diet uses the natural human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) hormone to lose weight. With the boost that the HCG gives to your body metabolism, you are able to go on a maximal calorie reduction without feeling food deprivation or weakness due to the lack of food.

What You Gain with the Diet?

The HCG diet has many advantages. The diet is so effective that it can aid you in losing several pounds in a single day. Losing the belly fat permanently and regaining metabolic balance resulting in a permanent removal of weight issues is possible with the diet. The HCG also gives a feeling of satiety which prevents you from binging on foods, thus restricting the calorie intake and producing effective weight loss.

Getting Maximum Metabolic Balance

For getting the complete weight loss benefits with HCG, you need to include multivitamins, fibers and keep your body hydrated. Regular exercise that increases the heart rate and metabolism should be taken up. Supplements both in vegetable form and as alkalizing drops are necessary to give the right amount of boost. Fiber can be either in the natural form or in the form of tablets, capsules or supplements.

Dieting Guides that Help

With the right diet, you can maximize the weight loss potential of the HCG injections you take. Here are some tips:

  1. The HCG diet allows two meals per day which mostly includes lunch and dinner. The meal should have protein, vegetables, bread, and fruit.
  2. Vegetables and proteins you take should be grilled or broiled. Use as little fat or oil as possible in the food.
  3. Salmon, herring, tuna, eel, and pickled fish should be avoided.
  4. Spinach, beet greens, tomatoes, fennel, cucumbers, cabbage, asparagus, chard, and red radishes can be included.
  5. Fruits you can include are apple, orange, strawberries, and grapefruit.
  6. Water and tea and coffee without milk are recommended while sugar, butter, and oils are not allowed.

How Effective is HCG?

The HCG diet, dubbed as 500 calorie diet produces an amazing weight loss effect. The diet that people took along with the HCG was thought to be the main cause for the weight loss. But recent studies reveal that a proper diet and exercise routine added to the HCG will bring on a definite and permanent weight loss. The HCG is said to change the way the weight is lost. Reduced hunger pangs, better appetite control, and lesser calorie intake have been accomplished effectively with the diet. Another reason for its efficacy is the hormonal balance it produces. Since the imbalance in hormone is cited as one of the important reasons for weight gain, the diet can help.

The injection form of the hormones is the best way to raise the levels in the blood. The pills, sprays, and drops are not much effective as they do not cause any rise of the hormone in the blood. The injection should however be taken only with a prescription and also under proper medical supervision. The injections help in maintaining the muscle mass by increasing the testosterone levels and preventing muscle breakdown. The combine effects of low calorie intake and increased muscle mass give you a well-toned and fit body.


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