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Does The Nose Get Bigger When You Gain Weight?

Nose Get Bigger When You Gain Weigh
Nowadays, do exercise, go to the gym, lose weight are the common tendency of almost women to maintain a healthy body. Even someone using surgery to make a perfects face or body. One of them is rhinoplasty which is nose surgery

Does The Nose Get Bigger When You Gain Weight?

Nowadays, do exercise, go to the gym, lose weight are the common tendency of almost women to maintain a healthy body. Even someone using surgery to make a perfects face or body. One of them is rhinoplasty which is nose surgery. Because the nose is the first thing when you see on the face, it easy to impress anyone. That why so many people wish to have a tiny nose. However, not everyone also has a thin nose. A series questions related to the shape of the nose: how to make your nose smaller? What should you do avoid the nose bigger? Or does the nose get bigger when you gain weight?
The answer to the question Does The Nose Get Bigger When You Gain Weight is No. Someone try to lose weight to get the thin nose or worry about when gain weight, the nose become bigger. However, it is not true. Because the bone, cartilage build up the nose, it also was covered by the skin. The shape of the nose is determined when you are 10 years old, then the nose develops slowly during the 15-17 age in women and 17-19 age in men.The shape After 25 Years old, the nose spine will be fixed and shaped. And you just can change it by external impacts. The nose doesn’t contain fat cells. That means, when you lose weight or gain weight, it doesn’t affect the nose size.

Does the nose grow up with aging?

Many types of research in the world show that the nose tends to bigger when you get older. It means the aging-related to nose changes. Researchers from FARC ( Functional Anatomy Research Center ) analyses all part of the nose was affected by age: height, volume, and liner. They got bigger by the time. However, they found that the nasal tip angle which decreases with age.
The soft tissues tend to greater when you are younger until you get older. Compared to boy and girls at the same old, it occurred earlier in girls. From birth to 20-year-old or more, the height can increase double. Moreover, female have smaller noses than males. Nevertheless, it seems like the nose grows slower in boys than in girls over time. In 12 years ( 18 to 30-year-old), the volume increase about 42 percent in female and among 36 percent for males.
The growth of nose will slow down when you are over 30-year-old. However, the volume of nose still increases between 50 and 60-year-old.
The Nose locates in the middle of the face. On the other hand, it becomes a center, it makes a strong impression when you communicate with other people. However, not everyone also has a thin nose. The people try to make their nose smaller. One of them is losing weight. It not effective because losing weight doesn’t impact your nose shape.

How to make your nose smaller easily?

The Nose includes cartilage and bone, not fat, so it just changes shape when you affect directly in it. Does the nose get bigger when you gain weight is impossible? One more time, the nose is the center of your face, so you should focus on it as much as possible.


Makeup is the easy way to help your nose become thinner. You can do it by yourself. Here is some advice for you to get perfect no by using makeup.

Step 1:
Apply a light foundation to the nose area. Then apply a layer of light foundation powder to the T area, along with the bridge of the nose. This foundation is very light color, it should light up, make people feel that your nose higher. Avoiding the tip of the nose because according to this principle, your nose will look bigger if the color is pale.

Step 2:
Using concealer cream on the nose area: red skin, acne or large pores. You can use concealer pen or chalk to cover up the defects. You should not choose the color too bright, it must be equal to your skin if you do not want to patch.

Step 3:
Use a medium-sized brush and a ton of light than the skin on the nose of the T-zone and avoid the tip of the nose. Because covering the entire part of the nose will make your nose appear larger, so you are only swept along the nose.

Step 4:
The most effective reduction is used darker chalk along the sides of the nose. It is advisable to use a polishing pad for ease of use as well as the right amount of chalk.
That is some easy steps to help you feel confident when communicating. You just need to spend a little time on each morning to improve your nose shape.

Nose Exercise

Use two fingers to point the entire nose 2, using force gently pressing to 30 seconds and then release. You should spend at least 5 to 10 minutes to perform it every day, doing regular exercise, the nose will quickly collapse and beautiful nature.


Massage does not help the nose small immediately but this is the effective method. If you do it regularly, you can see the results.
You just need to perform follow the principle: high upward – pull down – gentle pressure on both sides, apply in the order of the area: nose bridge – nose tip – nose wing.


Use the index finger and the thumb of the right hand to place the nose. Use the force to squeeze and pull from the middle of the bridge of the nose to nose wing and tip of the nose. Perform this exercise 30 times a day, you will see your nose more compact than expected.

Perfect nose with surgery

Beside the natural ways, we also can choose surgery to get a perfect nose. However, this method has many side effects such as infection, inflammation, complications after surgery and you need to spend a lot of money to perform it.
Don’t worry about this question Does the Nose get bigger when you gain weight. Because the weight does not effect on your nose shape. Eat whatever you want, and if you don’t have a thin nose, you can improve it by some ways we show you before. Hope you healthy and beauty without trying to lose weight!!!