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The 5 Most Weight-loss Friendly Foods on the Planet


Life has never been this easy and luxurious. We live in a century of technology. Human civilization has come so far and it has made radical changes in itself and its surroundings.

The lifestyle of early civilizations has always been survival oriented. They need to beware of deadly animals, had to do extensive work and tend to a lot of things for food. That is why people of those times used to be agile, strong and resistant. They utilized their food calories by exerting stress on their body through work.

With the dawn of science and technology, we have changed our lifestyles immeasurably. We have created devices and devised methods for our ease. We look for comfort and luxury in everything and this is where the problem arises. Human bodies are used to effort and work.

Even the genetic code of humans has embedded in it, work. This means, our bodies stay fit if we keep them mobile. A static body will cause issues, and this has turned out to be true in the form of many issues and ailments faced by people who get used to staying at a place and getting lazy.

Obesity is one of the major issues faced by people who do not utilize their body muscles enough. Basically what happens is, the body has a mechanism of storing excess calories or energy in the form of fats.

So, when a lazy person devours food, the excess calories taken inside end up becoming fats and settling inside the person’s body and making him obese. In order to lose weight and fat, one needs to consume diets with low carb value. We have gathered the foods which assist the most in losing weight below.

Whole Eggs

Eggs are commonly thought to be of very high in calories. Therefore they are not really considered as a diet for weight loss. In fact, eggs have quite a balanced calorie value.


Plus they are rich in nutrients and allow the person to feel full for longer times. As a result, the person eats less per day which ultimately makes him consume fewer calories.


Salmon fish is amazingly beneficial for obese people. It is loaded with proteins and useful facts which provide the necessary energy to the body.salmon

It provides a good amount of iodine. If you want your metabolism to work fine, you need to have sufficient amount of iodine intake. Plus salmon also keeps the stomach from asking food early. We are not sure you can get salmon easily. If you are new in Cholula, Mexico, you are going to need to know where to eat in Cholula.


Tuna is another very beneficial fish. It keeps the body nutrients at their optimum values. It is full of proteins and low in calories. Plus it has very less amount of fat in it.

If you are striving for more than just weight loss, an athletic and proper cut body, you need to use tuna in your diet.


If you eat lots of food with low-calorie value, the stomach will feel full and the metabolism will think that the required calories for the body have been consumed. As a result, you will feel less hungry. The eatables with more density but low-calorie value are those which contain water. And the soup is one of those diets.


Like other fruits, avocados are usually thought of high in carbohydrates. So they are not considered much for weight loss. But actually, avocados are quite rich in healthy fats and have a low carb value. They are a considerable part, water. So they are not many calories dense.


Eating healthy and wisely is the key to a healthy body and healthy life. See the below infographic for some best weight loss hacks.