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Things You Should Know Before Eating Junk Food

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Junk foods are the foods with high level of fats, salts, sugar and other effective food diseases. These components cause these foods to generate more appetite and thirst for those who consume them. Contrary to what happens with traditional foods, which are used for their own subsistence, junk food does not have any nutritional contribution to our body.

Their fats and sugars can cause serious health problems, such as obesity. In a menu of this type of food, we find everything that is contrary to a balanced diet, such as hamburgers, French fries, and soft drinks.

Junk Food
Junk Food

Its speed in processing and its low price is what makes many end up delivering to this type of food more times than necessary. The consumption of junk food is more effective for age persons, especially for office workers they should eat some best multivitamin for men over 30, besides this, the junk foods usually contain cardiovascular problems, such as obesity, heart disease or type II diabetes.

Harmful Effects on Organism

The saturated and Trans fats of junk food are related to the increase of cholesterol and obesity, since this fat accumulates in the arteries preventing the passage of blood.

An excessive and prolonged consumption of junk food can cause cardiovascular diseases in the long run. These foods also have a lot of sugar and salt.


The increase in blood sugar levels increases the risk of diabetes and heart attacks if they are linked with the increase in cholesterol. These food can also cause kidney and hypertension problems.

Junk food is often synonymous with fried foods. These foods contain a large number of oils and toxins that cause digestion to be slower and heavier, causing reflux and in some cases may be the cause of suffering from irritable bowel syndrome.

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The most deadly chronic diseases are usually linked to lifestyles in which poor diet is the central issue. According to a study consuming junk food increases the chances of developing colon and rectal cancer.

Being composed mostly of Trans fats its absorption in the body is slower and can remain accumulated in the intestine making the functioning of the colon is slower and accumulate toxins.

Brain Problems

Junk food has a high content of sugars and salt. Sugar causes the release of dopamine, the hormone of happiness, and the salt of orexin, the hormone responsible for appetite. Hence, the more we consume this type of food, the more our brain asks for it, since it produces a sensation of pleasure and well-being, very similar to the effect produced by drugs.

Many recent studies have shown that the consumption of junk food increases the risk of suffering from depression because they lack proteins, fibers, and vitamins.

The most prone to this problem are usually young people, due to the hormonal changes that their body suffers in adolescence. And is that junk food is empty foods that lack nutrients, such as proteins or vitamins, that is, the opposite of a balanced diet. Young people who eat junk food have a 58% higher risk of depression than a young person who does not consume it.


To avoid emotional swings, it is best to take a balanced diet that has the essential nutrients necessary for good growth and development of hormones.

Another consequence that causes the consumption of junk food is the false feeling of being full because they are empty foods. But as they have a lot of fat, they offer the false sensation of feeling satiated, but they do not provide energy because they do not contain proteins, so after a while, our body will be hungry again and will feel tired.

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If we take this type of food for a certain period of time our body may end up developing chronic fatigue by having very low energy levels. Junk foods not only impair physical appearance or cardiovascular health, the immense amount of saturated fats impairs brain function and memory also. Artificial dyes and preservatives such as sodium benzoate increase hyperactivity and lack of control to avoid anxiety and stress.