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Dengue Fever – What is Dengue Fever?

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Protect your Beautiful earth from Dengue

Dengue (claimed DENgee) fever is a terrible, incapacitating mosquito-borne infection brought about by any of four nearly related dengue infections. These infections are identified with the infections that cause West Nile disease and yellow fever.

Early portrayals of the condition date from 1779, and its viral reason and the transmission were evaluated in the early twentieth century. Dengue fever has turned into a worldwide issue since the Second World War in 110 nations may be more than this. Divided from taking out the mosquitoes, work is nonstop on a vaccination, furthermore medication concentrated on clearly at the contamination.

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Every year, an expected 100 million instances of dengue fever happen around the world. A large portion of these are in tropical zones of the world, with the most serious danger happening in:


  • Pakistan


Symptoms of Dengue Virus

Early judgment of dengue is obliged to appropriately control these entanglements, which could spare the lives of patients. A wave of dengue infection contamination comprises of three stages.

Symptoms of Early Dengue Fever

  • High fever with lack of hydration.
  • Lack of hydration is the procedure in the body (drying out) is presented.
  • Hemorrhagic Bleeding – Bleeding in bodily fluid and from the nose, draining in ladies vagina begun.

In this article we are also telling you the tips that how you can secure yourself from this deadly virus named Dengue fever.

Health Maintenance Phase of the Patient

Consistent pulse begins and circulatory strain is typical. In the event that the patient get additional Intravenous Fluids then hack and swelling in hands and feet seems, Pulmonary Oedema or Congestive Heart Failure (the heart and lung capacity diminishment) is a sign.


So specialists suggest medicine to control it, Throat wheezing, hack and trouble in breathing are muddled side effects of dengue fever. The extent of white platelets has turned into a typical level. Dengue infection contamination or manifestations of dengue sickness are isolated in three stages.


Post Treatment Advice of Dengue Fever

After treatment of dengue fever don’t take Asprin, mefenamic corrosive, and Nsaids bunch for two months.


  • Drink 5-10 glasses of water every day
  • Stay far from Mosquitoes.
  • Have 10-20 moment day by day walk

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