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Health Insurance is basically a contract between a people


This Contract states that the individual will have to pay to the organization on monthly basis and in return, in the case of any medical incident with the individual under certain circumstances, the organization will bare all the medical expenses of that individual.

There are certain term and conditions of the company, these term and conditions also vary according to the type of the contract. Company offers various types of contract in which amount’s are also different to be paid. Before getting a health insurance contract, a complete survey is conducted, in which the medical checkups are conducted under a team of certified doctors, all the reports are considered to make sure that the individual is clear of all the diseases and company is not being framed.

“Health insurance is applied almost in every developed country and In Asian countries it is just a luxury for those who afford it.”health-insurance-plans

Health insurance companies have different polices in different regions, American health insurance companies have different policies for their customers as an American civilian is said to have more value than any other countries civilian.

Insurance companies have different policies for different customers, for premium customers they have premium packages and policies in which they give their complete dedication to their customer, the rates are high though for premium customer but in case of incident, he really is treated in a great manner.

Once if a customer recovers from an incident after complete meditation and provider paid all for his medication then the contract ends there. Contract can also be renewed under certain conditions.




For Economy customers facilities are kept limited although they also get well treated. On Beautifullearth.com you can read all about health insurance and its policies.in different region of the world. News regarding health insurances will be posted on regular basis, and we will keep you up to date.


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