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What is gallbladder And Symptoms of gallbladder attack

gallbladder attack
gallbladder attack

What is gallbladder attack?

The liver is a vital part and an organ of your body. If it disturbs it makes your whole body lethargic and inactive.

GallBladder attack relief
GallBladder attack Relife

The liver produces a bile juice which we all know very well and in its center it has small sphere-like ball known is gallbladder. The gallbladder is a small entity in your liver which stores the bile juice and this bile juice helps in digestion. It secretes out from a duct to the small intestine and assists in the digesting process. This small sac-like the section in your liver got an attack. Now, what is gallbladder attack? When stone formation starts in the gallbladder it leads to the blockage of the bile duct when it goes back to the gallbladder it sparks a painful situation and inflammation of the gallbladder. Sometimes this bile back up pressure is so high that it causes rupture of the gallbladder as well. There are many symptoms of gallbladder attack yet sometimes people ignore it. Consequently, they end up with harsh results on their body. Remember that you can feel this pain at the right or middle upside of your abdomen.

Symptoms of gallbladder attack:

There are some symptoms of gallbladder attack which will help you in determining this disease. This is really disastrous to your life. You must pay heed to some indications which I am going to write below for you.

“These signs will be very helpful for you. If anyone in your home or in your friends or relatives is discussing with you this problem then it’s your foremost responsibility to tell him to go to a doctor.”

1 : Tummy pain: it is the most common symptoms of all. If you are continuously facing this abdominal pain then must visit your doctor and take it seriously before it too late. This belly pain can be prolonged as of hours and it may excite even then you are sleeping and it will wake you up from your deep sleep. So, if you are experiencing this pain then pay concentrate on it.

2 : Indigestion: Right after abdominal pain the most recorded second symptom of this gallbladder attack is indigestion problem. Now, what is indigestion? It is the problem of gas which creates the backup pressure. This gas can radiate to the mouth and it will make you feel like vomit. This condition occurs after a meal. This gas can also incite pain in your body anywhere. You can observe discomfort on the kidney side.

3 : Nausea: what we are eating has the impact on our digestive system as well. As we know that fats are dissolved or digested by the liver bile juice and when it does not work properly its side effects convey to us in different sources. Nausea and vomit are also the forms of a symptom. When you vomit after one to two hours intake of the meal then you must pay heed to this.

4 : Vomit: Gallstones lead to the hindrance of the bile duct and make the process of digestion worse. It makes you nauseous and when you vomit you avoid taking a meal. Resultantly, loss of appetite observes in a patient. Further, when the patient faces the discomfort and ache of vomit he himself avoids eating a meal. If you are facing, these symptoms must talk to your doctor.

5 : Jaundice: is the result of the bile obstruction. Your skin and whitish part of the eye becomes yellowish. When it do not secrete out from the liver it causes the high concentration of bilirubin in the blood. The inflammation of gallbladder and chest pain is also two more indications of this gallbladder attack.

Gallbladder attack relief:

There are some home remedies to treat this gallstone in an early stage if you find out this disease in you. The home remedies are without any side effect so they start to work a bit late however, some remedies start work immediately.
Now it’s up to you that for how many days will you continue these? Furthermore, there is an advice for you to not to quit any home remedy right after your recovery because it will completely destroy your gallstone and it will be beneficial for you ahead.

Dandelion: it is a herb which can be obtained easily from any botany shop. It has a compound called as taraxacerin. It is very useful in treating the gallstones. According to the famous Doctor Sambsavia Naidu, it is very helpful and it gives quick recovery to the patient. Now, what you have to do?
1. You have to take a root of the herb dandelion and then put into the hot boiling water. Keep it on the stove for almost five to ten minutes. And then sieve down the water of this herb into a cup. Let’s mix honey into this water and take this tea twice in a day. Take this tea for almost two weeks regularly.

Veggie juices: juice of vegetable can do magic in this disease. Veggies are a source of vitamins and proteins. Beside vegetable have some enzymes which cut down the fat and cholesterol of your body. Hence, it will lift the burden from the liver. And thus it will give you rest.
Take carrots, cucumber, and beetroot washes them and cuts them into pieces. Then separately bring out juices and mix all together and then have it after your meal.
Cucumber has a high level of water and water detoxifies your gallbladder. However, carrots have a high concentration of vitamin C it gives a boost to your immune system.

Apple cider vinegar: you know that gallstones formed by the high level of cholesterol in your body. The apple cider vinegar is usually acidic in nature and hence it does not let the liver make cholesterol. Moreover, it dissolves the gallstones and relieves you from the heel pain.
Take one cup of apple vinegar and mix it with one glass fresh juice of the apple. And take it whenever you feel pain and an attack in the gallbladder.
You can add lemon juice to it as well. It will change or enhance the taste of your juice. Take it almost for one month.

Lemon juice: this juice can also be called as citric acid. It relieves you from a pain of the gallstones and also helps in dissolving them. This juice converts your body cholesterol into water soluble and helps to reduce the burden of digestion on the liver.
A lemon a day is good to have for a whole day. Squeeze one lemon and then add it into the one glass of water. Take this juice before taking breakfast. Carry one this treatment and then soon you will recover from this. Take this juice on daily basis.

Castor oil: the inflammation of the liver can be stopped by the castor oil. It has medically significant in the treatment of the gallbladder attack.
Warm up this oil oven and then put cheesecloth on it and keep it on the stove. After 30 minutes bring it out and put this cloth over your abdomen right above your liver. And put a plastic sheet to your abdomen. Then lie down and keep it for 60 minutes. It will remove inflammation and will lessen the pain.

Stomach cramps after eating:

Stomach pain or stomach ache after eating is due to to various reasons. Firstly, it could be due to constipation. What happens when you have constipation? Stool put pressure on to your digestive track. That’s why it causes nauseous feeling and you feel stomach cramps right after eating.

Secondly, overeating is another cause of the stomach ache. Because when you over eat your meal or when you like any dish or you eat more than your capacity it will cause you pain. So you must control your eating habit and you should eat your meal according to your capacity or your daily intake.

Thirdly, you know very well that when you have gallstones you lose your appetite and when you stop eating for a continuous period it leads you to the cramps. So when you take a better treatment it too addresses on that front. However, there is one more solution that when your pain is the end you can eat some high-calorie food to avoid your pain.

Fourth, food allergy or intolerance is also one of the causes of this. When your stomach does not absorb the spicy food or high-fat food like junk food and even though you take it then it will cause you a problem. It can also cause you food poisoning and it leads you to nausea, vomit, and sweating.

Fifth, a stomach ulcer is also the cause of the stomach cramps. When you consume high spice in your meals then it can cause you this ulcer. However, sometimes intestinal hindrance is also the reason of this. When a big piece of food becomes hinder between your intestine and stomach, it will cause you a severe pain.

In a nutshell, if you are facing with continuous abdominal pain so you must consult with your doctor. It will help you in determining the reason of the pain.


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