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How Dry Skin Causes Acne

Each and every organism in the world has a psychological tendency to be liked by others. This trait is encoded into their DNA, which means they are inclined to the behavior of wanting to be liked by others by birth. We as humans are the highest ‘invention’ of evolution. And this behavior is found in humans also. Actually, the behavior is quite prominent in us and we want ourselves to be liked and appreciated in ways by others.

This genetic quality has created significant behavioral attributes in humans. They are responsible for certain things humans do. The fashion and entertainment industry is completely based on this trait.

People employ celebs and fashion stars for their brand promotions and adverts. Glamour and ramp walks are held and stuff comes in vogue just to extinguish the everlasting desire of being liked. People sing, dance, create, joke and act just to get others to like them.

Skin Care

The industry in which you are employed based on mostly your physical appearance rather than your skill is modeling. Models are chosen primarily on the basis of their looks, their body shape, their appearance, style sense and their photogenicity. Models need to take care of all of their physical features to maintain their handsome and looks. Their sole money source is their beauty, looks and charisma which needs to be kept at its best otherwise they may lose their value.

Dry Skin

One of the most prominent features in a person’s face is its skin. A clear and smooth skin is necessary for maintaining your beauty. But skin has its own types of issues when it comes to beauty. The skin can get rough, dry, oily, full of pimples or highly affected by acne. As this causes the skin to become spotty, it can deteriorate the person’s beauty at a considerable rate.

Dry skin is basically the detriment of the skin. It is a thirsty skin which does not have enough body chemicals to fight off germs. What happens is the skin when malnourished, gets damaged over time which makes the skin layer on top to die.

Dry Skin

This dead skin becomes an open area for fungus and bacteria to settle and grow. When these little organisms settle there, they grow and nourish themselves with the dead skin and as a result, cause infections, several issues and diseases to the skin.

When the skin gets dry, its many open pores are left out and are exposed. This makes room for bacteria and viruses to settle. In a healthy skin, there is a layer of lipids which keeps out potential germs which can cause infections and irritations like bacteria and viruses. But as the lipid layer gets damaged, bacteria do not find any resistance while settling in the open pores. This situation ultimately turns out into acne.

Types of Acene

There are different types of acne. In the most basic type, the exposed, unprotected and vulnerable open pores when get filled with infection-causing bacteria, they spread an infection to those areas. When the infection spreads to those portions of the skin, it makes the skin swell. Ultimately the swollen skin ends up making pimples which can also be allergic.


These pimples are sometimes filled with infectious puss and can hurt when touched. A face filled with pimples not only hurt, it also makes the face ugly. Even when the pimples are treated, they leave marks on the skin which look horrible for the face, and someone who is associated with the fashion industry, this thing is the most horrible.

Treating Skin

The best way to treat acne is to keep the skin clean. Wash the skin thoroughly time after time, plus whenever skin gets dirty. This will keep the bacteria and other germs from settling in the breakouts.

Skin care

Apply skin treatment lotions which have natural ingredients in them. This way, the body does not get affected by harsh chemicals in case it is sensitive towards them. Be sure to consult a reputed dermatologist before applying a creme or lotion in case you have an extremely sensitive skin otherwise a wrong choice in your treatment lotion may side-effect by increasing the dryness of the skin.