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What Is Laser eye surgery Types And Cost of laser eye surgery

Laser eye surgery
Laser eye surgery

What Is Laser eye surgery

Laser eye surgery is one of the miracles of science and new technology today. From the head hair to the toe nail there is no any disease which cannot be treated.

What Is Laser eye surgery
What Is Laser eye surgery

We are living in the era where we have many facilities. This laser surgery is not less than a blessing for us. In the early ages we had to done operate of eye while now we have the more modern way. Any problem and disease of eye can be treated, if it becomes serious and cannot be treated with the medicines and droplets only. What actually the laser surgery is? It is the way of correcting the eye sight with the help of laser beam so, that the patient can no longer require the contact lenses or eye glasses. However, this surgery is looking quite beneficial that one will no longer need the lenses or glasses afterwards, what it is actually, first your doctor will determine you whether you are a suitable candidate for this laser eye surgery or nor? Furthermore, there are both the risks and benefits in this surgery. There are many different types of this surgery but the most common and most applicable surgery is keratomileusis.
Introduction: the laser eye surgery is usually about the reshaping of the cornea, and the correction of the eye sight. It is usually done when ophthalmologist feel the need of it for the patient. It is a risky yet beneficial procedure if it completes successfully. This surgery is done with a laser well-known as excimer laser. Here I am going to tell you the types, and advantage, disadvantage cost and pre operation instruction for you. Hence it will be very helpful for you to cover all the things at one platform.

Types of laser eye surgery:

Types of laser eye surgery
Types of laser eye surgery

We need this surgery only when we have the problem of Myopia – short sightedness, Hyper myopia – long sightedness and Astigmatism. There are many types of this laser eye surgery it depends on your need that what kind of surgery your eye needs the most. Your doctor will tell you that for which surgery you should go for. LASEK, PRK and LASIK are three types of the laser eye surgery. There is a little difference among these three however, little difference make big results. So let’s discover what are its types in detail.
LASEK: it stands for the Laser Epithelial Keratomileusis. It is related to the surface layer of the eye that we usually named that as epithelial layer.
PRK: it stands for the Photorefractive keratectomy. It is used when patient is suffering from the wrong position of cornea. It corrects the shape of cornea.
LASIK: it stands for the Laser in situ Keratomileusis. It was used in the correction of the eyesight too but in the early 90s era. Now it is not using so frequently. However, it was used particularly in UK.
So, these are some types of laser excimer surgery. Now we are moving towards discovering the other information regarding this.
For your further information: Royal College for ophthalmologist recommends that the doctors who do surgery must be registered doctors and must have greater experience in this surgery. It is also recommended that the age of patient should not be less than 21. However, it has been recommended that the age can be more than 21 but not more than the 45 years.

Laser eye surgery is right for you ?

If you are uninterested in carrying eyeglasses or contact lenses, you’ll ponder whether laser-assisted unchanged keratomileusis (Laser eye) surgery is true for you. After all, LASIK surgery incorporates a sensible data and the majority area unit happy with the results.

However, Laser eye surgery is not the most applicable vision-correction possibility for everybody, and it is not while not risks. Browse on to see whether or not you are a sensible candidate for LASIK surgery.

When is Laser eye surgery an honest choice?

Laser eye surgery could be a variety of refractive eye surgery. Throughout the procedure, a watch doc creates a flap within the tissue layer, so uses an optical maser to reshape the tissue layer and proper focusing issues within the eye. LASIK surgery is most applicable for those who have a moderate degree of:

Nearsightedness (myopia), within which you see close objects clearly, however distant objects area unit hazy
Farsightedness (hyperopia), within which you’ll see distant objects clearly, however close objects area unit hazy
Astigmatism, that causes overall hazy vision
A good surgical outcome depends on careful analysis of your eyes before the surgery.
laser eye

What regarding Laser eye surgery for presbyopia?

By the first to mid-40s, most adults have lost some ability to specialize in close objects (presbyopia), which ends in issue reading little print or doing different close-up tasks. The condition could still worsen till regarding age sixty five.

If you have got long-sightedness, LASIK surgery could offer you clear visual sense, however it will truly worsen your ability to check objects clean up.

To maintain your ability to check shut objects, you may value more highly to have your vision corrected for monovision. With monovision, one eye is corrected for distant vision, and also the different eye is corrected for vision. However, not everyone seems to be ready to comply with or tolerate monovision. It is best to try and do an effort with contact lenses before having a permanent surgery.

What area unit the risks of Laser eye surgery?

laser eye

As with any surgery, LASIK surgery carries risks, including:

Under correction, overcorrection or astigmatism.
If the optical maser removes deficient or an excessive amount of tissue from your eye, you will not get the clearer vision you needed. Similarly, uneven tissue removal may result in astigmatism.
Vision disturbances. Once surgery you’ll have issue seeing at the hours of darkness. You may notice glare, halos around bright lights or diplopia.
Dry eyes. Laser eye surgery causes a short lived decrease in tear production. As your eyes heal, they may feel remarkably dry.
Flap issues. Folding back or removing the flap from the front of your eye throughout surgery will cause complications, as well as infection, excess tears and swelling.

Cost of laser eye surgery:

Cost of Laser eye surgery
Cost of Laser eye surgery

It is a very well-known fact that whenever we try to buy something different, unique or branded it is very expensive everywhere. Same is the case with surgeries’ hospitals and doctors. Obviously, if an experience doctor will operate you it will end up successfully and it will have advantages as well. And if you will go with the cost effective strategy you will end up messy. So never compromise on your health and on your life.
All we know one thing is that the technology which is so powerful has very high amount. So the laser surgery is not expensive but too much expensive as after your surgery it gives you lifetimes relax. Usually it takes 1000$ to 4000$ cost. However, it differs from country to country as well. It is just the fee of the operation it does not include the charges of the hospital service and other facilities and medicines. So, if you are thinking to go for this surgery takes a huge amount with you.
Notice: Note one thing that this above mention cost is not fixed every country has its own currency and its own facilities and way of procedures to facilitate the patients. Some hospitals facilitate the patients very much however some do not give any facility so it also depends on the various hospitals policy and procedure. Of course the hospital which gives you all facility will charge you a high amount but there will be ease that you will not need to worry for the little things. It will be done from the hospital services and authorities.
Risks of this surgery: Any surgery which takes place has some concerns like side effects, some complications in the patient’s particular case and some risks, so same is the case with laser surgery of eyes, which must be addressed before going for the surgery. However, some complications come right after the surgery so, that will be handled by your doctor. Here I am going to explain some complication, side effects and most of the risks of after surgery that a patient must know. Move ahead and discover it!

  • Thin cornea some people have thin cornea in their eye that creates some difficulty on patient’s discovery. It must be look before the surgery. Your doctor will tell you about this concern.
  • Dry eye syndrome is one of the syndromes that patients suffer before the operation. If it does not treat before the operation of the surgery it might create might problems for the patient’s eyesight.
  •  It is therefore recommended by the doctors to the patients to not to go for the surgery unless their dry eye syndrome comes to end.

If you are a pregnant woman than you are not a suitable candidate for this surgery. You refractive error might get oscillated. And also it is not good for your health as well. It may impact badly on your baby.
Now, these are some risk factor that you know very well after reading this. Come to the next point which is also a necessary point to go through.

Side effects: after the surgery some patients who are sensitive in nature suffers with the pain and inflammation of the eyes. Sometimes there is infection in the eye as well. There is hazy or blur vision, pain and scratchiness feel in the eyes. Reddish patches on the white part of the eyes. These are some after effects of the surgery. However, there are some benefits as well of the laser eye surgery and those benefits are very well known by you. It is not hidden from anyone.

So, here I am going to explain you the laser eye surgery benefits. There are many benefits of the laser eye surgery and that is why people prefer this instead of wearing the glasses. Let me tell you a story which will cover one of the most valuable benefits of this blessing. Once there was patient of hyper myopia- long sightedness and usually, she wore the glasses because the eye contact lenses are risky sometimes in hurry we rub our eye and there is a risk of breakage of the lenses so she thought to go with the glasses as it is considered as harmless.

Nevertheless, it is also harmful. How it is harmful lets read it ahead. Playing basketball and other games like cricket and table tennis can also be a cause of breakage of glasses. It was happen with Julie carton a university student, when she was playing with her classmates incidentally she was hit with the table tennis ball right on her face it broke her glasses and the glass was smashed and peep into the eyes that caused the bleeding at once.

So, now you can judge the laser eye surgery benefits, it makes you get rid from the glasses and so called contact lenses. Further, you can enjoy the night long drive. You can now apply for the various jobs which are restricted for the health persons. You can enjoy playing your game. In a nut shell, you can enjoy any activity which you want and also you can read or write on electronic devices. One most laudable benefit and advantage of this laser eye surgery is that it gives immediate results to you.

Conclusively, the laser eye surgery is a blessing for this new generation and now anyone who is suffering from myopia, hyper myopia can get rid from the glasses. This surgery actually gives you freedom to move and to do whatever you want to do in your life without any eye related restrictions.

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