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Looking Good At The Beach Is Not As Easy As It Sounds

Looking Good At The Beach
Looking Good At The Beach

Looking Good At The Beach

Summer is back and if you haven’t been to a gym regularly, well fear not All isn’t lost. There are still a few things here and there that you can do to make you look the part. Appearance is every thing; at least that is what society tells us. You see, you might have that great body but if you don’t present it well, you’ll just pass off as an average “Joe” if not worse. Here are some tips that will make people notice you and be blinded to your flaws.

1. Moisturizer

Men, I don’t care what you’ve heard about guys who use moisturizer. There is nothing gay about simply taking care of your skin. Moisturizer is not the same as diving in make up and crowning it all up with mascara! It simply makes your skin look and feel healthier and more smooth and supple. No matter how much your muscles are popping out of your shirt, bad skin will bring down the overall look, notches lower! Ladies, if you still don’t use moisturizer, all I can say is that you need professional help!

2. Sunscreen

Ever seen someone with a really nasty over done tan! It’s what is medically called a sun burn that, in case you didn’t know, can actually lead to skin cancer. Men, again I am on your case. You see, when you suffer from skin cancer, which might just be the time when you realize the true value of good sun screen. Better late than never, get yourself some good quality sun screen for your skin type.

3. Straighten that back

Did you know that there are people who’ve actually lost bodybuilding competitions just because their postures are all wrong! Straightening your back and pulling back your shoulders will not only make you look confident which by the way is considered sexy, but it will reduce your chances of getting back problems as you grow older. That simple cat will save you tons of cash you would have spent on medical bills as well as it will save you from a lot of pain.

4. Wear beach wear that fits

If you wear something that’s a size too big, you’ll look like grandma in a bikini and at the same time if you wear one too small, you’ll leave very little to the imagination. By the way ladies, the more mysterious you are and the more you leave a man guessing, the more appealing you’ll look. So no matter how many people have told you that you look like a swim suit model, stick to your size. If not, go to an all nude beach!

5. Drink lots and lots of water

During summer, your body looses a lot of water through sweating and so now more than ever, you need to keep yourself hydrated. Your body needs water to transport food and oxygen, to remove wastes from your body, to maintain your body’s temperature you name it. It also makes your skin healthier and makes it glow.

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