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Is Running Good For Health?

Is running good for health

The world is changing rapidly and it is changing us along with it. The urban lifestyle is spreading way faster than ever. More and more people are getting used to luxury and ease.

The best paid and in-demand jobs want you to sit behind a desk. People entertain themselves by going to a movie, or ‘netflixing’. Even ordering food online is preferred over going to a restaurant. Where all this has facilitated us a lot. It also has caused several problems.

Is running good for health

Throughout time, humans have always been in mobile. Earlier times demanded the change of places, covering long distances and doing labor to earn from people. Because of this, scientists believe that mobility has been embedded into our genes for staying healthy.

Now, with the advent of modern technology and luxurious lifestyles, the mobility of our bodies has drastically decreased and this is causing life-threatening problems to us. The most suitable solution to these problems is running and jogging.

Running is mostly considered not-so-efficient for health because it only includes moving your legs fast and sweating while going from a place to other. But, scientists believe that running has countless benefits. In several cases, it is even better than bodybuilding. Wondering what benefits running provides? Read them below,

Disease Prevention

 Running is not ‘just running’, the effects on the human body can be described as caused by a medicine. Some of the benefits of running are those which even medicine can’t achieve.

Disease prefection

Running has been shown to keep people from getting several diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol issues, heart diseases and even strokes. The effects of running don’t end at physical illnesses. Running also improves mental stability and brain’s chemical balance.

Get Fit

Before I get into how running makes us well, let me describe what we call ‘fit’. A well and healthy human is in good shape, both physically and mentally. His organs work good and muscles are strong. He can work longer with good stamina while utilizing less effort.get fit

Running is one of the best ways to achieve that. It burns a lot of calories and if you are burning calories, it means you are taking steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

To burn sufficient calories, you don’t need to run like Usain Bolt. Your pace just needs to be faster than walking and you are good. While you are burning calories, it must be kept in mind that you also have to take sufficient calories through your diet otherwise you may get weak. Bananas and Eggs are among the best foods for runners.


Get Smart

If you are obese, you are subject to a number of diseases. Obesity comes with a lot of health problems and issues. People get obese mainly because the calories taken in through foods are not consumed by the body. Running allows people to ‘revive’ their smart looks and get back in shape.

get smart

By running, the excess calories are simply consumed and instead of stacking up as fat, they become a part of muscles. Similarly, the calories stored as fat and causing obesity are used up in running and with time, the fat lessens and the person gets smart.


Stronger Bones

For a martial artist to break concrete slabs with his fist, his fist bones and joints need to be stronger than the concrete. Otherwise, the fist can get hurt. To achieve stronger bones, the martial artists do years of training punching their fists on hard materials in order to get them strong.


stronger bones To get a body of stronger bones, hitting them on hard materials is not the only way. It can also be achieved through running. When we put our muscles, joints, and bones to test through running, they get resilient day by day. Those who run in their youth never face joint and bone issues in old age.

In the age where the immunity over diseases is getting low and risks of getting ill are considerably increasing, we either need to change our lifestyle for a lifestyle which involves considerably motion or we need to run. And I believe the second one is the better choice.