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How to Choose an Informed and Safe Plastic Surgeon

How to Choose an Informed and Safe Plastic Surgeon

Finding and choosing the right and safe plastic surgeon is not always an easy task. It will require some legwork at the beginning and comparing a few doctors works at the end. You can get recommended by other doctors if you know someone in the medical field who might know a plastic surgeon personally, but it will probably come down to asking a lot of the right questions. Here are a few to get you pointed in the right direction to finding the perfect plastic surgeon for what you would like done.

1. Do you have a Certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgeons?

This should be first on your list of questions to ask. Many people are confused by levels of certification as there are many kinds that are available to have. A doctor may have only the state level certification, but in order to have the best doctor possible, you want one that is certified by the American board of Plastic Surgeons. They are the only board that can qualify a doctor for both plastic and reconstructive surgeries.

2. At what location will my surgery be performed?

Some procedures may be performed in the offices of the plastic surgeon, but most require a hospital or surgical care center to be performed in. Ask about facilities and if the facilities are accredited as well.

3. What kinds of risks or side-effects could my procedure entail?

Every surgery has risk involved with it. You could experience infection, blood loss, or any other type of complication that might arise unforseen. It’s uncommon in this day and age for this to happen, but it can occur. Find out what the possible risks are and weigh them out carefully and find out if your choice of a plastic surgeon is approved for CosmetAssure, a complications insurance that is provided to the patients through the doctor should complications arise. Only doctors who have spotless records, the highest credentials, and have excellent skills can get approved for CosmetAssure.

4. What type of anesthesia does the doctor use?

Anesthesia is always a big risk when it comes to surgery. There are basically three types that are used. A local anesthesia is extremely low risk and is used during very non-invasive office type procedures. An IV sedation puts you barely under, and general anesthesia puts you fully under. Make sure you know the risks involved with each and make sure the staff the doctor works with is trained to do the anesthesia correctly.

5. What do other patients say about this particular doctor?

This is the fastest and best way to find out how good a doctor is, by reputation. Their work will speak for itself and the way their previous patients were treated. The doctor’s website should be full of testimonials, or you should be able to get some upon request. Check to see if the doctor gets any cards or letters of thanks for their work. Do all you can to make sure that this doctor is the right fit for you.

Remember that a professional plastic surgeon is there to give you what you require to restore your self-esteem and to give you a better self-image. They must be able to achieve a natural look that will complement you and give you back your confidence. Do some research and make the right decision!