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Stay Okay with your Body Image

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Stay Okay with your Body Image

You see it every day. The unrealistic body images that are screaming at us from billboards, magazines, websites, television commercials and the big screens. We live in a society that constantly forces the mass public to believe that only certain body images are deemed acceptable. But the reality is these types of figures are actually the minority and are few and far between. The following are some tips on how not to buy into the hype and to keep your image of your body realistic.

Stop being preoccupied by the number on the scale

Too many people allow their weight to dictate how their life is going to be or how they’ll feel for the rest of the day. People sometimes buy into the thinking that life will be so much better once they reach their weight loss goals. This is how so many people end up regaining lost weight. Getting healthy and fit is a process that occurs over time. Make it your goal to become healthy through regular activity and proper nutrition. Don’t focus on weight, body size, and shape. Think about health, fitness and enjoying yourself.

Do not define yourself only by your appearance

Develop and nurture the many gifts, skills, and abilities that make you special. Admire and highlight the things about you that you feel good about. Remember that beauty is a state of mind that is defined by each person. Remind yourself of the many things that you can do with your body – walking, running, jumping, dancing, breathing, laughing, hugging. Involve yourself in activities that help you tune into your body, such as yoga or Pilates.

Wear clothes you feel comfortable in

Don’t wear clothes that feel too tight or restrict movement. Don’t hold off on buying clothes you like. Dress to express yourself, not to impress others. You should feel good in what you wear. Cut labels out of your clothes. The size on the tags shouldn’t set your mood.

Stay away from fashion and fitness magazines

Most fashion, fitness, and women’s magazines focus on an ideal of beauty that is just not something anyone in real life can be. Typical fashion models make up less than one percent of the human population when it comes to their size. Unless you can look through these magazines knowing they are purely fantasy, it’s just better to stay away from them. Invest in magazines that contribute to who you are: (i.e. hobbies and interests magazines).