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Top 10 Specific Exercises for Women

Exercises for Women

Top 10 Specific Exercises for Women

Between the ages of 40 and 50, the main goal of women who practice physical exercise is to delay aging and maintain their muscle tone. To do this, there are exceptional exercises in water, either swimming or the different modalities of aerobic exercises in the water: aqua pitch, aqua gym, aqua cycling, etc. It is also highly recommended, from the age of 40, to carry out constant walks, to strengthen physical endurance.

From the age of 50, our body does not respond in the same way. We begin to suffer the ravages of age and we must exercise extreme caution not to injure ourselves when we engage in physical activity. It is important in this age group to encourage exercises that help us to maintain the coordination and mobility of our whole body. Jogging fast and performing smooth gymnastic exercises regularly is the best fit for this age group.

Regular Exercise for Women

  1. Strides:The popular lunges are perfect for toning back and thighs. Give them a chance again. It is a complicated exercise to assume, because it is more than balance. When you reach enough, you can do them even by jumping.

  1. Reverse Crunch Abdominal:If you are tired of the typical abdominal, give a return to your workout. And never better said. With this exercise we will work the entire abdominal muscle with a special incidence in our lower part. Instead of carrying our trunk to our legs, our legs will go to our trunk. Watch out for repetitions and try not to strain your neck too much.

  1. Side plank or isometric lateral: perfect to ‘activate’ the oblique part of our abdominal muscle, hips and glutes. Even the arms work with this complete ‘scorching’ exercise.

  1. Bridge:An exercise that never goes out of style. Surely you already know the school, so little more to add unless you watch the technique and concentrate on each repetition. Squeeze the buttocks when you finish the exercise and, when returning to the starting position, try not to support your butt on the ground but simply rotate it.
  2. Step on chair:Your name says it all. Look for a firm chair and climb to it as if it were a step: first one leg, then the other and lower in the same way. Excellent workout for your buttocks and hamstrings (the muscles of the back of the thigh).

  1. Dead weight to one leg:An exercise that seeks balance and coordination and is an excellent toning of buttocks and abs. Its execution is not as complicated as it seems, but it will need our full attention. Try not to pass from the 90º angle to the ground.
  2. Triceps Kick:An excellent toner for our triceps and we can do with a few weights. You can also try out the funds or dips when you feel safer.

  1. Sumo open squat: our favorite squat to harden glutes and hips. You will also notice how the inner thigh works like never before. Without doubt the best choice among all types of squats.
  2. Push-ups:well-made, hardened buttocks, thighs, arms and, of course, the chest. You lose fear of this exercise of men and look for a chair or low table to make them with less difficulty. The higher your torso on your legs the easier it will be.
  3. Tabata / HIIT routines:High intensity interval (HIIT) exercises are more than recognized when it comes to being a potent fat burner. You can start with Tabata: 4 minutes of ‘butt’ fractionated exercise as follows: 8 exercises of 30 seconds each at the highest possible intensity, with 20 seconds rest between each. Although in reality they are 4 exercises that we will repeat in a second pass. Perfect to finish our daily routine and, in addition, we can adjust the duration of the training / rest as we like. Find your limit and test it!

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