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Top 3 Places for Photography in Pakistan

Pakistan has world most beautiful places for photography, especially at its best in northern areas and Kashmir region. This area of the nation is famous everywhere throughout the world in view of natural blue high as can be mountain mighty rivers, lush green valleys, most beautiful lakes, and adventure wildlife. The Paradise on Earth ‘Neelum Valley’ Mini Switzerland ‘Swat Valley’ and Mountain Kingdom ‘Hunza valley’ are the major tourist attractions in Pakistan.

All these places are true natural beauty of the world. The beautiful places of Pakistan, you will not found these Lovely places all around the world.

Here, below is a list of top 3 Best Natural Places for photography in Pakistan.

Neelam Valley

Neelam Valley is a 144 km long bow-molded valley in Azad Kashmir. The Valley is arranged at the North-East of Muzaffarabad. Going through the Lesser Himalaya, the Neelam River valley has amazing beauty scene, towering hills on both sides of the loud Neelum stream, panoramic views, lavish green forests, captivating streams and appealing surroundings make the valley a blessing from heaven.


Neelum valley is one of most attractive place for travelers due of its celebrated rich greenery, streams, springs, lakes and hilly & sloppy mountains. Some of its famous places like Kutton Jagran, Athmuqam, Karen, Neelum, Baboon, Ratti Galli, Noori top, Sharda Fort, Sharda, Sharda University Kel, Surgon, Taobut, Halmet, and lot of more.


Hunza Valley

The Hunza Valley is a rocky valley in the Gilgit–Balouchistan locale; it was formerly a princely state. The Hunza valley is arranged west/north of the Hunza River, at a rise of around 2,500 meters. The Hunza Valley has three Regions Lower Hunza, Center Hunza and Upper Hunza (Gojal).


Hunza valley is the most delightful place to visit and have numerous places to see. Some of these beautifully earth places are: Diran Base Camp; Rakaposhi Base Camp; Passue and Gulmit; Hoper Glacier; Khunjrab Pass; Atta Abad lake and Nagar valley.


This is a summer hill station, summer resort and is stated in Murree, the subdivision of Rawalpindi District. Bhurban and New Murree are a main traveler focus. A standout amongst most favorite tourist point of Murree is Galliat; it has intriguing greenery and grand magnificence that pulls in vacationer having place distinctive areas of Asia.


Murree was the late spring capital of the British Raj in the Punjab Province. People from everywhere in Pakistan wish to go there in summer to enjoy its Natural beauty and in winter season for shocking knowledge of snowfall.

Most Popular Points for photography of Murree Hills are Muskpuri Hill, Dunga Gali, Bara Gali, Nathia Gali and Mall Road.


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